Saturday, October 17, 2009

Frodo (C64 emulator) for Dingux v0.2

Not sure if this is a reload as the freeforums are dead, but in any case, thanks to mrLogan, who has for Frodo v0.2!  Grab it here:,0,0,0,71,186 :

Frodo (Commodore 64) v0.2

New for v0.2
-Diskimages directory size increased to 1000 items.
-LimitSpeed working much better and defaulted to on.
-Y Mapped to Joystick Up for jump and run freaks out there.
-Save/Load states

Emulator Installation
Copy the folder over as usual and add an item to your menu configuration. Sample below.

MenuItem FrodoPC

Icon = "/usr/local/emulators/FrodoDingoo/commodore.png"
Name = " FrodoPC"
Executable = "./FrodoPC"
WorkDir = "/usr/local/emulators/FrodoDingoo"
Selector = no

C64 Games and Apps Installation
put .d64 and .t64 files in the 64images folder.

Starting a game and Controls

Once you see the Commodore 64 screen press R to bring up the menu.
Go down to "Swap Disk/Tape" and press A.
Select the .t64 or .d64 image you want and press A. The emulator should briefly reset.
Then hold down L and press SELECT and you should hopefully have started your game/app.

Dpad and button A = joystick
START = Virtual Keyboard (just the basics for now)
R = Menu

Menu Options

Resume = Resume
Quit = Quit Emulator
Control = set control to either joystick 1 or joystick 2
Sound = On/ Off
LimitSpeed = On / Off (I had to guess at the right speed so let me know if you think it's running too slow or fast)
Reset C64
1541 Emulation = slow disk emulation which will allow some difficult disk images to load ( not working at the moment )
Save/Load states 01-03
Swap Disk/Tape


  1. This is not a new release.

  2. Yeah sorry, I (quadomatic - opendingoo/dingowiki/dingoonity) was reuploading all sorts of releases onto dingoo file archive, since a lot of links no longer worked because the files were stored on the a320 freeforums. Didn't mean to mislead...