Friday, October 9, 2009

Dmenu 0.4 released

A new version of dmenu has been released.

Dmenu 0.4 is finally out. Welcome scahoo and 1@qbQD4T5Z0949 to join the team. Special thanks goes to 1@qbQD4T5Z0949 for packaging up 0.4 release.

Here is the changelog for 0.4.
- Change SearchPath to a string list to allow multiple search paths
- Menu sound effect
- Sub-menu support
- Fix parsing of multiple args
- Added UTF8 support. UTF8 chars in theme.cfg name strings, and file selector will display the UTF8 chars accordingly. Font file specified by the theme need
to contain the necessary chars.
- Menu wrapping when left or right key pressed at begining or end of Menu respectively. Same for MenuItem (up/down).
- File selector wrapping at begining and end of file list.
- Easier file selection. Use Y + up/down to scroll 1 page at a time
- Added OSD.
- Menuitem text overlapping problem should be fixed now.
- Fixed problem of passing multiple args when launching a program
- Persist index of selected menu/menuitem

by 1@qbQD4T5Z0949
- Default theme created.
- Added SoundVolume control ([L]:-5% / [R]:+5%)
- Added Brightness control ([X]:LevelUp / [Y]:LevelDown)
- Added SoundVolume & Brightness Icons.
- Added configuration files for SoundVolume & Brightness settings.
- Added resources directory for dmenu.(/usr/local/home/.dmenu/)

Download is at

Dingoo A320 forum


  1. "Use Y + up/down to scroll 1 page at a time"
    "Added Brightness control ([X]:LevelUp / [Y]:LevelDown) "

    So the screen gets dimmer whenever you scroll by page? Or am I missing something?


  3. Brightness control is only effective when you are at main menu. Page up/down is only effective when you are at file selector. Both will not be active at the same time.

  4. I'm trying to figure out what to do with the download :s

    I have Toddlers package I think. Do I just replace the demenu folder and add the contents of the home folder?