Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ColeCOO V3.1 released

Dingoo superstar Alekmaul has released another great update of his native Colecovision emulator.

Hi all,
Here is the new version of ColeCOO
Here are the news :


V3.1 : 27/10/2009
  # fix sound threading
  + change option menu for screen config
  # fix alcatraz display (timing pb)
  # pitfall sprite collision pb on third screen (timing pb)
  # fix H.E.R.O pb in level 4 (timing pb)
  # fix Space Fury pb (timing pb)
  + Add key config menu

You can download the .SIM file here : ColeCOO V3.1
Put ColecOO.SIM in your GAME directory. Put your .COL games where you want.
Use "Interesting game" from Dingoo menu and choose your .COL file, the emu will launch with the game Wink



  1. Awesome!

    Any chance of fixing the TV-out on SMSGoo?

  2. Alekmaul posted that he will release a new version of SmsGGOO tomorrow.

  3. Frogger no longer works and beamrider still has errors but other than that the sound is spot on now and it runs great!