Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alekmaul releases Spout v2 (Native firmware)

Alekmaul has released a new Spout port for Dingoo native firmware:

Hi all,
Here is the new version of my spout port.
Now you can have music during in play game (like my Nintendo DS version Wink ).
Here are the news :


V2.0 : 18/10/2009
  + compile without s2dsdk
  + add sound with mod song files

You can download the .APP file here : Spout V2
And of course the source code here (i'm not the author of the game, i'm just the author of Dingoo port) : Spoout V2 source code
Install the APP file in GAME directory of the Dingoo. Go in 3DGAMES menu, and select to run the game.

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  1. Great, except that because of a bug of the top black line not being redrawn properly, you can't exceed a score of 129.