Thursday, October 15, 2009

A320 Freeforum Deleted!?

While the situation remains unclear, from what I can gather moderator powers were given to someone less than trustworthy or a mod's account was hacked. Said rogue mod has erased all posts from the board as well as instating his own set of ridiculous rules. He has apparently even gone so far as to IP ban the admins. The real tragedy here is loosing all the accumulated info & the loss of a major hub in the Dingoo community. Hopefully there is a cache or backup somewhere, but it would be best not to get one's hopes up. In the meantime omgmog has taken it upon himself to start the process of setting up a replacement forum to harbor the community; aptly named Dingoonity. If you absolutely need help or your forum-fix before said site is up, come join the gp32x boards which already has a well-established community as well as a Dingoo specific section that needs a little love.

The forums appear to be back in control, but posts are still MIA. The site admin has also posted this message

Well people,

I'm sorry to say that one of the moderators (Dan) went loco for some unknown reason. He deleted all posts in the forum and banned the other moderators and various users. He also thought he had banned the admin (me), which is ofcourse not possible.

All people who got banned or blocked by this piece of sh*t have been restored.

I'm looking into correcting this issue, but I have to be honest, I didn't take the payed for rollback subscription, so I don't know if it is at all possible. I'm hoping freeforums keeps backups from which they can put us back.

At the moment all moderators have been relieved from their duties untill further notice.

In case I can't set the forum back, you can go to another forum somewhere else or restart posting here, I've seen toddler has been posting his update, which I'm gratefull for... If the forum really restarts I'll get the rollback subscription ofcourse, so something like this can't happen in the future.

Sorry guys,


  1. I made a post in the support forum of adn wrote an email, we´ll see if they can help:
    here is the local 0.31:
    very sad :(

  2. Zear has downloaded most data from the forum so the old information can always be mirrored. I have also some of the information from the dev forum backed up.

    The replacement forum worked on by omgmog will probably be up this weekend.

  3. Loads of info here

  4. Just one thing : fuck! :-/

  5. Hacking some site or forum: okay. But deleting all the info there? In my opinion that should be punishable by some sort of Law. I mean, it's not exacly the same as violating copyrights or breaking somebody's properties but it comes really close. :(

  6. Dingux Local Pack v0.31

  7. Im lookin for the 0.31 pack... on Rapidshare or megaupload please!

  8. Dan is banned and the forum is back again.



  11. I found a little backup:

  12. Thank you for your support, the Brazilian community dingoo's are places available for any help.