Sunday, September 6, 2009

zman3007’s script for automatic caching of NEO-GEO, CPS2 and FBA ROMS

zman has posted a very useful script to take the pain away when preparing ROMS for Finalburn alpha!

From the readme:

This batch script (fbacache.bat) has been written by
z_man3007 on Sep. 05, 2009.  The purpose of this    
script is to create cache files (.fba) for NEO-GEO and
CPS2 roms to play on DINGOO OR GP2X Handheld Gaming  
Device.  Please make sure you have the correct sets or
rom files for NEO-GEO and CPS1.  ENJOY...:)


1. Just download the file.
2. Create a folder and call it fba under you C: drive
   For Example: C:\fba
3. Extract the file to your c:\fba folder
4. copy all your NEO-GEO, CPS2 and FBA roms inside the roms folder
   Example:  C:\fba\roms
5. Once you have finished copying all your roms to the roms folder please
   double click on the fbacache.bat file to do the caching.
6. Once all the caching is done you should see all your cache files
   inside the roms folder with .fba extension.(C:\fba\roms)
7. Copy all the .fba files to your dingux and you should be able to
   Play them with FBA emulators.
Thank for trying.....

Grab it here (download only the file), and pop over to the right to thank zman!


  1. Thanks to Z-Man and all the dedicated hardworking folks bringing us one after another development turning the Dingoo A320 into an even more awesome device.

    O crap I left mine at work!

    okay I'll be back...

  2. Thannnnnnkkkkksssssss!!!!
    Will help a lot!!!

    Thanks to slaneesh fr the fba320 and man for this script :D :D :D :D :D

  3. hi how do you use the neogeo bios does this need too be in the folder when cacheing the files normally im getting a black screen and reset cps1 and 2 work brilliantly just neogeo and raizing is this just compatability or am i doing something wrong

  4. is this that!
    how to use neogeo gheo bios?!