Thursday, September 17, 2009

Video review + chance to win a free Dingoo

Bytejacker, which we posted about earlier, has put up a video review of the Dingoo. They also have a competition where you have the chance to win a free Dingoo (only for North America).

Click here to watch the review and take part in the competition.

Wanna WIN a Dingoo?  Awesome, because Dingoo Digital wants you to, and so do we!  Just leave a video comment down below and show us the gem of your classic gaming collection!  Your oldest, most valuable, rarest, or just favorite old game you own.  Coolest game gets the Dingoo!

Bytejacker (via Dingoo A320 forum)


  1. I own an original copy of Tetris for the original gameboy :D Also, coincidentally, a gameboy too!


  2. Congratulations. Lol.

  3. so do i, its worthless

  4. My favorite goes back to the original Game Boy.

    Super Mario Land

    It was the first time I could take such a game along with me and it was great.

    -even after years (decades?) away from this title one can pick up the controller and be back in the rhythm of the game in seconds.

    To this very day that title and a select few of it's 8-bit monochrome brethren along with some kind of a Game Boy/Game Boy Color emulator have been required in my personal collections.

  5. Why only north america>?

    We in Europe have a lot of nice goodies to show!

    tooo bad......

  6. Nice Video Review. I'm curious as to why his interface is so different looking. Is he using a custom theme or an updated version of the firmware?

  7. And what is the deal with him saying that the source code of the default emulators has been released? I don't believe this is actually the case.

  8. The guy gave away a couple Dingoos on the other blog site (the one that sucks) for someone to make him a logo and a theme. So he has the custom firmware with a theme branded for his store.

    I see now that he has the Silicone cases as well as screen protectors..but his prices on those seem a bit inflated if he is drop shipping them. If they are indeed in stock and shipping from the States then it isn't too bad.

  9. Anonymous: They are not dropshippers, they keep their own stock.

  10. Nope, this place is a rip off. $10 for silicone skin and $5 for screen protector...cheapest shipping on those 2 items together is $6.50. That s4it is ridiculous. Maybe they should stop giving away items and lower the prices to something much more reasonable.

    Same items if they hit DX will be had for a third of the price if that.

  11. i have Pokemon for gameboy color good and an Ea basketball game for playstation.