Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vice Commodore C64 Emulator (beta)

This port is based on the excellent gp2x port and the work of A600 (microlib, ported to gp2x minimal lib compatibility).

At the moment the following known issues exist:

1. Sound lags.
2. Overclocking might be a bit... dodgy :blink:
3. Buttons are swapped back to gp2x orientation (B is fire/select etc.)


Select: Menu
RTrig: stats
START + LEFT / RIGHT: Volume down / up control (bit flaky at the moment).

Please launch the various .dge files, direct launch of the executables will not work.
This has been tested in dmenu and dinguxmb and seems to work well.
Apologies for the dodgy alpha, but it was... an alpha :)

Fixed in this release:
  • Palette issues
  • True Drive emulation now works!!!
  • Unzip of files now works (bug in gp2x version)
  • Reset C64 works (bug in gp2x version)
  • Added plus4 and vic20 emulators (haven't tested too much and vic20 seems incorrectly scaled?)

Get it here: vice beta



  1. Wow, plays very good! Thanks!
    But i have one question: how to make it louder? It´s pretty quiet. ^^
    I´m just watching Second Reality :D

  2. The sound may be disabled for the time being... You can also use Frodo for that.

  3. Sound is not disabled.
    Hold START + RIGHT to increase sound and START+LEFT to decrease it. This is not 100% yet and will be improved.

  4. Thanks for the tip, works great! :D All demos i tried work pretty good, but only with true drive emulation, what makes the sound lag then. Might be the 1bit SD interface thingy too.
    The frameskip does funny things too, but you probably know that already.
    And ReSID seems to be faster than FastSID ^^
    Thanks again! :)

  5. I thought it was disabled, thanks!!!

  6. I have a question, If anyone get it to work tv-out for Dingux, you could connect a pair of joystick to USB through a USB HUB?