A touchscreen Dingoo?

News on the MI2 has emerged on the A320 freeforum.


New MI2 console comming. Competition for our beloved Dingoo?

Postby robert2098 on Mon Aug 31, 2009 1:47 pm

In The Netherlands, a Dutch toy store advertised the MI2 portable console. Press release here.
It's features are somewhat similar to the Dingoo but has some extra features like camera, touchscreen and accelerometer. But it lacks the emulators (maybe because emulators might not be completely legal to sell here). It is available from 1 October and the price is less than 70 euros (around $100).
The (far from complete) specs for those who can't read Dutch:

  • 32-bit processor
  • 16GB (not clear if it is bytes or bits) flash memory for game, audio & video storage (512MB free)
  • 3.5" TFT touch screen with stylus
  • Build-in microphone
  • Accelerometer (for games controllable by tilting the console like balancing games or marble games)
  • Camera (0,3 mega pixels?) (for camera games) (photo's can be transferred to a PC)
  • 1200 Mah rechargeable battery
  • MiniSD expansion slot
  • Video out (cable included)
  • 100 pre-loaded games (including games that use the touchscreen/stylus, the accelerometer and camera) (some games in Dutch)
  • New games downloadable from the internet (charges apply)
  • MP3 audio player
  • AVI/MP4 video player
  • PhotoFrame photo viewer

Unfortunately, no information about the processor used, speed and internal RAM.
It would be a very interesting machine if you could create your own software for it or even run Linux on it.
Is this the new Dingoo killer then?

Right, got all that? This post will self destruct, just like the badly-in-need-of-reboot-Cruise-vehicle-franchise, in 10 seconds …


  1. You need to write a news about FBA320 ! Final Burn Alpha is available for Dingux ;)

  2. http://dingoo-scene.blogspot.com/2009/09/slaneesh-releases-fbaa320-finalburn.html

  3. hmmm, doesn't look all that bad, size would be the determining factor for me though & it's obviously bigger than the Dingoo 'cause of the 3.5" screen. Oh, and that D-pad, I can't stand that kind of 'sony' d-pad, they're so shitty. This basically looks like the bastard son of a ds & psp, lol.

  4. So what does a portable gaming system have to do with an old ass movie sequel? I don't get it.

  5. @Beholder: Perhaps look at the oldass moofie sequel name they've given this potentially interesting product:)

  6. I can buy one of those. Then again, meh.

  7. As all of those handhelds Intertoys sells, it will probably suck, and doesn't have emu's and development chances.

  8. ha ha crappy it only has has a gig of internal memory how r u meant to play on that

  9. i got a dingoo and im proud to say its more awsom


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