Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Megadrive/Genesis gamepad emulator … thing on DX

Recently appearing on Dealextreme is an idea so obvious that you wonder why it hasn’t surfaced sooner:



Sure, it looks like any other cheap handheld clone thing which plugs into your TV – but this one has an SD slot!

Newly released gamepad controller for Sega MD games.
- No need to purchase individual games, one gamepad can play thousands of games.
- AV cable included, connects directly to TV.
- Compatible with SD cards. Download MD games onto SD cards (*.bin), then insert the card into the gamepad to copy the games to the internal memory.
- Capacity of the internal memory is 64 MB. Games vary in size between 8 and 64MB
- Supports in-game save feature if available
- Supports 2nd controller (via standard MD connector)
- When connects to the TV, please tune to AV status.
- Press button SELECT+ button UP/Down to tune the volume.
- Press button B to read SD card games. Press button UP/DOWN to select games, Press button Right to load games, Press Right button again to copy the game from SD card to the gamepad. After coping, press button STA to play.
- Press Button SELECT and STA together, back to Menu.
- When download games from computer to SD card, you need to create a new file folder "game" under the root, then copy paste the MD game into the right folder.

There’s nothing here that a Dingoo hooked up to a TV can’t do, and we don’t quite know how well it all might work for the moment, and yet, for the mere $21.97 Macarenas they are asking, it is strangely desirable … so I ordered one of these, and will report when it arrives!

Any other “early adopters” - grab one here and I get DX points.


  1. That sounds great, especially the second controller option! Lol, maybe it is even hackable to run more emulators?

  2. DUDE

    Yes, please let us know with a full follow-up because I'm tempted to get one myself.

    -and 21.97 is easily in the "what the hell" zone.

  3. "There’s nothing here that a Dingoo hooked up to a TV can’t do,"
    Well, except the second standard megadrive controller.

  4. Too late, I bought one!

    I hope they perform to our hopes. :)

    (but still do the follow up, please?)

  5. Hey used your link too.

    My compliments.

  6. nice idea but surely most people have a pc hooked up to their main television these days? maybe im wrong.

  7. Sorry, You are wrong :)

  8. No, He's right, you're wrong.

  9. You're both wrong!

  10. Obviously, someone's wrong around here.

  11. I am really looking into one of these, please report back on how good the EMU is. If it is better than the Dingoo's native emulator (I really don't like the Dingoo's button layout for Sega anyway) then let me know.

  12. Interesting, and stupidly cheap, if anyone finds a good review please post it.

  13. Mine shipped!

    Perhaps I'll attempt a review after trying it out...

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  15. A full review is now here:

  16. Thanks for the review! I will buy one now :)