Wednesday, September 2, 2009

mrlogan posts CloneKeen v0.1 for Dingux

Here is another CloneKeen for Dingux, courtesy of mrlogan:

CloneKeen for Dingux v0.1

Postby mrLogan on Tue Sep 01, 2009 11:59 am

CloneKeen port for Dingux v0.1
I don't know much about this game as I never really played it myself but it seems it was popular at the time.
This version includes the shareware episode 1, it should work with the full version episodes but I don't have them so I didn't try it.
Everything seems to be working ok gfx, sound, controls , save games etc
CTRL (Jump): B
ALT (Pogo): Y
Fire: B & Y at the same time (once you have the raygun)
Space (Pause): Start
Enter: Select or A
Escape (Quit): L
F3 (save): R
Installation in dmenu.
You need to create a menu item like the one below. Note the executable "./clonekeen2x -ep1" indicates episode 1. You need to change it to -ep2 and -ep3 for the other episodes.
MenuItem CloneKeen
Icon = "res/games.png"
Name = " CloneKeen"
Executable = "./clonekeen2x -ep1"
WorkDir = "/usr/local/games/CloneKeen2X"
When the games starts the screen at one point goes black, just press a button and the screen will come back into life again.
I put a nasty hack in to get it to quit to the desktop without freezing the dingoo but it means that it might no have released all the memory it should of.

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