Tuesday, September 1, 2009

lgpt Dingux released

What on earth is a music tracker? Anyway, here’s one:

Lgpt Dingux - Ghetto Build

Postby xzakox on Mon Aug 31, 2009 11:43 pm

Hi, having finished the last porting steps (hw volume control), and some fixes, I'm releasing this first version of LGPT for dingux :-)
There's a readme inside, but for the impatient:

As usual unpack the folder in the zip somewhere inside local in your dingux SD card, for example local/apps/lgpt, and add an entry to your dmenu config like this:
MenuItem LGPT
Icon = "/usr/local/apps/lgpt/lgpt.png"
Name = "LGPT"
Executable = "./lgpt.dge"
WorkDir = "/usr/local/apps/lgpt"
Selector = no
put songs in the same folder,
Controls are the same as GP2X LGPT but X and Y control HW Volume (X up, Y down).

Happy Tracking!


  1. Wonderful! I was waiting for a tracker usable from dingux! This way it's easier to pick up saved projects compared to what we can do with trackers for GB(A/C) .. I just hope it won't be too hard learning all the needed keyboard shortcuts (always used a pc with a full qwerty keybord for tracking)! Thanks!

  2. Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !

  3. what does this do btw? allow you to change music for games?

  4. no a tracker is like a score , you can use samples or connect a musical instrument through midi connector and compose your music. ahh i remember protracker , octamed, oktalyser, soudntracker under amiga... There is a good good one under PC: Renoise , it's a must have.

  5. a tracker is basically like a sheet of paper with notes and information about instruments (which actually just are .wav files in most cases and are then modified to create different tones, just like "real" music) and speed etc written on it. it's like you'd write a song and have the possibility to directly hear it or convert the whole song to a wav file. many trackers also support midi interfaces, so you can connect a (piano) keyboard and have the tracker record the notes you play and save them.

    seriously, what am i writing here anyways? just try it, its not too complicated :D

  6. Thanks for the info. That's pretty cool. Write your own midi files on the go.

    I wish dingux had a decent audio recording program. I use the native firmware voice record to record my band practices, but I have to boost the volume in a wave editor. And the sample rate sucks. Doesn't sound half bad though for using the crappy built in mic.

  7. Audacity for the Dingoo would be sweeeet! The system requirements might be within range. And it is open source freeware on linux.

  8. hi, thanks a lot for the lpgt dingux release.... i have the ploblem, that the audiovolume is very low (even when setting lpgt volume to 200 and dingux volume to 100). much lower than when playing games etc. ... is there a fix for that? cause making music is not that fun, when you hardly hear something....