Tuesday, September 15, 2009

IRC Flooding: Whoops - my bad

Dear all

Sorry for the autoconnect flooding the #dingoo-a320 channel. I didn't realise it would have this effect. It shouldn't be autoconnecting now. Sincere apologies.

To join the channel, type /join #dingoo-a320 in the IRC chatbox.

Moving forward, please take a minute to indicate what your views on the chatboxes should be in the new poll.



  1. Gadgetmiser, it was more funny than anything.

    The IRC channel because an activity/user IP monitor for Dingoo scene!

    This stuff is going to happen, no worries!

  2. If the chat is to be kept, I think Chatroll would be the best thing. It's made for this purpose (auto-login, you can see history etc), while IRC is not. If the IRC is kept, then it would be a better idea to move it to a separate page.