Tuesday, September 29, 2009

GnuBoy released!

joyrider finally released GnuBoy for native firmware!

dingoo gnuboy is a port of gnuboy for the dingoo with some extra options.
It has been ported by joyrider aka willems davy.
how to install ?
copy GNUBOY.SIM in the A:\\GAME\\ directory, it MUST be placed there and nowhere else !
Once you did this you can copy over roms to any directory you like on the dingoo. The roms
must be unzipped and have either a .gb or .gbc extention.
how to play ?
Once you copied your games and the sim file just use the "intresting games" menu to browse to the roms
and run them.
The default keys are the same as on the gameboy being:
A : A
B : B
Select : Select
Start : Start
L : QuickSave to selected saveslot
R : QuickLoad from selected saveslot
Y and X does nothing !
The menu?
Holding select+start will bring you to the menu where you can change diffrent options.
like showing the showing fps counter, the screen mode, sound volume, frameskip or save load a state as well as
quiting the emulator.
option notes:
- the frameskip option will skip one out of 2 frames so instead of rendering 60 frames per second it will
only render 30 frames per second, this will speed up certain games at the cost of loosing frames. Experiment with it
- there are 3 screen modes : Aspect FS which stretches the screen but keeping aspect ratio, Stretched full screen
and native. During native mode you will see a frame around the screen this frame can be customized !
by default the emulator will first look for game sepecific frames being <romename>.tga if it doesn't find it it will
look for the file name gnuboy.tga in the folder where you loaded the rom from, if it doesn't find that one it will do
a final check in A:\\game\\ for a gnuboy.tga and load that one. If they all fail the default frame will be loaded.
- about frames : The frames have to be a 320x240 uncompressed tga image ! do not try to use another format or another resolution.
- Save State and load state will display a number besides them this is the saveslot which is a number between 1 and 9 so you
can have up to 9 savestates per game (rom).
the rest of the options should be obvious.
A game doesn't work / load will this game ever work ?
- if the problem is emulation related it won't because i don't know much about emulator programming
I want to have a seperate frame for the original gameboy and color gameboy, is this possible ?
- YES, just put your GBC and GB roms in a seperate directory and place a gnuboy.tga image in each rom dir,
one for gbc games and one for gb games.
Will you port other emulators for the native os ?
- i have no intention to do this at the moment but who knows, time will tell.
Are save the settings from the menu saved ?
- yes they are saved but not per game.
will a save state in Game X work on emulator Y on another machine ?
- i have no clue, just test it although i doubt they'll work.
I want to request a feature, have something added to the emulator, where can i contact you ?
- using my website http://www.willemssoft.be or on the a320.freeforums.org or on irc.freenet.org channel #dingoo-a320
GnuBoy has been ported by joyrider - willems davy - http://www.willemssoft.be
Thanks to the original author(s) of gnuboy without them this wouldn't have been possible,
flatmush for his excellent minimal lib, Alekmaul for the scaler code and sound threading example,
harteex (and zear) for the testing and Alf for creating the frame(s).
Thanks to the guys on #dingoo-a320 irc channel for giving a few tips, pointers and testing.


Dingoo A320 forums


  1. Fantastic! Congratulation!

  2. Sweet! Thanks for all your hard work! Any chance of seeing a Dingux back-port?

  3. There's already a Dingux port of GnuBoy, IIRC

  4. great work joyrider. would it possible to port this great emulator for the gemei x-760+? it's basically a dingoo with less buttons, but they share the same hardware. i tried here and it works just fine. just the keys need to be corrected.

  5. Woohoo! Thank you!
    Hey! I'm in the thanks list of the emu :0) Wow

  6. Oh yeah. Gemei x760+ version pleeeease! Just the keys corrections.... Please!!!

  7. @anon - yes, but it does not have scaling, etc.

  8. Thanks. Now if The Dingux version gets fullscreen i'll be a happy man.

  9. Spending, oh 30 seconds with the Native VS the Dingux versions will tell you the differences.

    You know, if you bother to look.

    -and the cool thing about running Dingux is that you can run the emu that runs best REGARDLESS of what OS is supporting it.

    -So maybe run the good emu and not worry so much that it's not found in Dingux, because now maybe it doesn't HAVE to be.

  10. joyrider >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GOD!

    Thanks man!

  11. I sent the Game Boy Color skins to the emu author. I hope he can make a separate skin support for GB and GBC files :)

  12. To Joyrider:
    Look at this http://www.dingoowiki.com/index.php/Dingoo:Emulators#Homebrew_emulators
    He he, now you are in dingoowiki. n_n

    Again.. Thank you.

  13. Thanks for the hard work joyrider, it works like a dream :)

  14. @Strider

    Not everyone plays around with the old OS like us. It's nice to have working emulators for both.

  15. Thanks alot joyrider ,great implemtation and worked extremely well with the 2 games i tested
    tertis - original gameboy and ddr on gbc.

    i just like the original os more then dingux because its quicker to run.
    just got the entire catalog of gbc and gb games .

    The dingoos shaping up to be a killer piece of hardware.

  16. Whatever on Earth is there to "play around" with in the Native OS?

    You drag the emu into the GAME folder, you start the machine, select your game and you run it!
    You don't even have to hit button combos at startup!

    Your "playing around" actually involves LESS work and an easier and faster way into GB and GBC games...for everybody.

    So let's all play around, shall we?

  17. Awesome, Thanks Joyrider !

  18. I've setted it up properly ( in A:\GAME\ ), but it wont show .gb nor .gbc games.

  19. try to updatet the jukebox in the music menu. and remove any other (older) gameboy emulator as it will conflict with the extensions.

  20. Perfect, thanks-a-bunch!

  21. Have tried running a few of my favorite old GB mono and GB Color games with this.
    It works great!

    Thank you!

  22. I had to update firmware to 1.1 (was using 1.03) and it worked.