Sunday, September 27, 2009

e-time D22+ “The Genesis Device” review

Remember this (and who wouldn’t)? It plays megadrive/genesis games. It’s cheap. What more do you need?Genesis Device-19

Strider_mtk and I have now received ours – and thanks largely to Strider’s hard work, you can now click here for a detailed review!


  1. 2 cables ?! is the sound mono?

  2. The sound is mono.

    However there are inexpensive adapters that will split that mono sound into thrilling left and right mono sound for your mono listening enjoyment.


    I just did a quick look up and it appears the original Sega Megadrive/Genesis was indeed a stereo setup, so only having mono sound is another detractor, although arguably a smallish one.

  3. There is a GnuBoy Video out

  4. Way to be on-topic.

    Try a couple of posts down, mmkay?
    There ya go.

  5. Is there stereo sound on the board itself?

    I was thinking about making a super small genesis out of one of these, with proper controller ports.