Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DOOEngine V0.9c

alekmaul released a new version of his PC Engine emulator. TV-out is fixed!

Ok, new version available, please test again games and give me the name, if US or JP, and CRC to help me too improove compatibility.
What's new :

V0.9c : 01/09/2009
  # fix timer int : more games are working
  # update sound each time psg is updated (more accurate)
  + add sound threading model to speed (a little) emulation
  # fix tv-out pb (thanks Harteex for your help ;) )

Download here : DOOEngine V0.9c

If you would like to test games, report them in the original thread here.


  1. Glad to see Devil's Crush is working!

    Overall speed is improved. Bonk's Adventure is about 80-90% original speed (fully overclocked).

  2. audio is generally stronger too

    thanks again!

  3. what is this for Dingux or Native ?

  4. It's native. I'll try to remember to make that clear in the future.

  5. when i enter "interesting game" i can't see .pce files.
    what do i have to do to use this emulator?

  6. Extract and put ur new Dooengin.sim EMU in ur ROOT directory. Create a rom folder name Pcengine , Make sure ur pcengin roms are not zipped and has extension file name ending with .PCE inside that folder. Go to interesting game, look for the pcengine folder, select ur game and wahloa.


  7. yes, it's exaclt whay i did but i cant' see any .pce files.
    i have 1.03 firmware, do i need a newest one?

  8. This seems to freeze up with Dingoo firmware 1.2. Is anyone else having this issue and possibly a fix?


  9. Bump, getting the same problem with freezing with 1.22 Firmware. Haven't tested on the previous firmware tho.