Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dingux C64 Frodo Preview released!

mrlogan delivers to the impatient!  My Dingoo is almost complete.

FrodoDingo (Commodore 64) for Dingux Preview

Postby mrLogan on Sun Sep 06, 2009 10:12 am

***UPDATE : ERROR in readme , loading game is Hold L press Select ****
For those who cannot wait and because I may not be able get much time on the computer for the next few days.
Frodo (Commodore 64) for Dingoo Preview
This is just a preview and there is still plenty more that needs doing.
Emulator Installation
Copy the folder over as usual. My dmenu configuration is below. Change as appropriate.
MenuItem Frodo
Icon = "/usr/local/emulators/FrodoDingoo/commodore.png"
Name = " Frodo"
Executable = "./"
WorkDir = "/usr/local/emulators/FrodoDingoo"
Selector = yes
MenuItem FrodoPC
Icon = "/usr/local/emulators/FrodoDingoo/commodore.png"
Name = " FrodoPC"
Executable = "./"
WorkDir = "/usr/local/emulators/FrodoDingoo"
Selector = yes
MenuItem FrodoSC
Icon = "/usr/local/emulators/FrodoDingoo/commodore.png"
Name = " FrodoSC"
Executable = "./"
WorkDir = "/usr/local/emulators/FrodoDingoo"
Selector = yes
C64 Games and Apps Installation
put zipped .d64 files in the 64diskimages folder ( leave the Foo1.d64 file in this folder alone and don't try to select it as it's a placeholder for the application you are about to run)
Starting a game and Controls
Select either Frodo or FrodoPC or FrodoSC from the dmenu.
Frodo - Fastest , Least Compatible
FrodoPC - Fast, Less Compatible (works great for impossible mission)
FrodoSC - SLOOOW, most Compatible
In dmenu you navigate to the 64diskimages folder and select your .zip file containing the .d64 file (a very common format on the internet)
In a short while you should see the blinking cursor of the commodore c64 (yeh!)
Hold Down L and press SELECT and you should hopefully have started your game/app
Dpad and button A = joystick
START = Virtual Keyboard (just the basics for now)
R = Quit
Each compatiblity mode is different so if FrodoPC and FrodoSC don't work it doesn't necessarily follow that Frodo won't.
Here is a quick explanation of what the scripts do (if somethings not working).
The frodorc file is mapped to a file called Foo1.d64 in the diskimages folder. The dingoo scripts unzip your selected zip and overite the Foo1.d64 file with the contents of it.

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  1. I´m really impressed, hope it will be polished a bit soon, we can be better than the iphone, can we?