Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dingoo v GP32Wiz

Duddyroar has posted 4 videos of the Dingoo v the Wiz, running several games side by side.  So, if you’ve been dying to see which one of them runs Musha Aleste better, for instance:

Answer: Hard to tell from this far away.  Those who would like to see the rest of Diddyroar’s work, featuring Gunstar Heroes, Assault Suits Valken and Super Bomberman 3 -  click here.


  1. Sweet, lets look the Dingoo pretty good.
    What shocks me though, is the black on the wiz, it´s more like brown! :O
    Maybe he set his OLED to bright? Wasn´t the black level THE big point of the wiz?

  2. tanks for this video, but, seriously, run a bigger game or make a real test, now run Quake1/2, ROT, Doom series, ScummVM, FinalBurnAlpha, CP2 and GnGeo! .. and compare ;)

  3. if you're interested, I've written up a small comparison between the two as well, but more oriented around hardware and such.

  4. tanks andrew, a good and fair review ;)