Saturday, September 5, 2009

Booboo receives Gemei 760 … at last!

Those of you who have been following this story know that Booboo has been intending to port Linux to the Gemei 760, the Dingoo’s distant cousin, but had some obstacles in the way of this project, with the main one being not having a Gemei 760.  Well, thanks to DX, that problem is now solved.


Booboo has now ripped it apart – as you do - read more here: !


  1. It's not that he couldn't get one it's just that DX took like 3 years to ship it out to him.

    Am I right folks?

  2. Wrong, here's a little hint:

  3. OMG I was KIDDING about the DX thing!
    (Many of us have experienced the long waits from DX, so i was referencing that as a joke.)
    I had no idea thats REALLY what happened only with another company. Wow!

    Well now it's ben got, so another soon will fall to the mighty. :)