Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wolfendoom … works?

eule reports:

OK, first to say:
I didn´t code anything, i just tried this and it worked! :D
Download Wolfendoom here:
Add the files from the addon folder to your prboom directory. Then edit the doom entry in your dmenu.cfg to look like this (or add a new one, but dmenu didn´t like that for me):
MenuItem Doom
Icon = "res/ports/doom.png"
Name = "Doom"
Executable = "chmod +x prboom ; ./prboom -file eisen.wad -deh eisen.deh"
WorkDir = "/usr/local/ports/prboom"
FOR EXAMPLE!! I wasn´t yet able to test many .wads, but eisen worked. However, my SD got corrupted, prboom crashes now everytime... I don´t know if it happened because of Wolfendoom, probably prboom wrote a new cfg and fucked up while doing this. So test this on your own risk!
I´ll update this guide, if my SD works again and i know, what caused the problem and if it´s fixable... To start the original Wolfenstein3d, you need to insert the original.wad and the original.deh into dmenu, i tested that now. Will keep testing.
Have fun! :geek:


  1. Woohoo, i´m on dingoo scene! :D
    It works great, all wads i tested worked so far.
    To play the original Wolfenstein3d you have to add the original.wad and the original.deh to your prboom directory. And to dmenu of course, so the executable line will look like this:

    Executable= "chmod +x prboom; ./prboom -file original.wad -deh original.deh"

    However, be aware that your SD could get corrupted, so better make a backup, if you haven´t yet. But so far i haven´t had any more problems, hope it´ll work for all of you fellow Dingoo owners.
    Greetz, Eule

  2. Works, i just tested Wolfendoom wads with no problems, and a pile of custom maps and wads and works. No corruption on my SD. I´m Doomed. xD

    Note: Wads that works with original Doom2.exe will work on prboom, other using "hexen format" or using advanced options (Zdoom, as example) will NOT work.


  3. The corruption is most likely due to the system-wide dingux bug, it's not just you ;]

    any word on if plutonia & tnt work?

    thanks! this'll be quite enjoyable, much appreciated =]