Friday, August 28, 2009

Otioprog and PSX4DINGOO

Otioprog steps up to the mark and has made a video of the Dingoo running a PSX emulator:

Otio’s aim is to play Final Fantasy VII on it.  Judge for yourself whether it’s worth his effort!

Also check out his blog: (although it seems to be down for the moment).


  1. no emulator is more wanted than the ps1, that is if it can be perfected. also, is this for dingux or native os? id actually get dingux if they can get a ps1 emulator for it. mgs anyone?

  2. it seems to run very slow it could be real ..

  3. and also can be a video playing in the dingoo

  4. If you were going to fake it with a video - then why would you do it at less than 1fps?


    It is however seemingly proof that PSX emulation is out of reach for the little dingoo - an emu can run but will probably never run at a decent speed...

  5. It clearly isnt fake. You can see him cycling through the text at various points. If this was a video he would he skipped out of it using the button presses.

    This is fake.
    Something blue at top - dingoo video player (?)
    I'm sorry.
    But(!) gp2x f100 is older and slower console, but it support psx.
    I think, in fact psx emulator will be making by china dingoo digital team in native OS.
    (for example, i seen (not working in fact) prboom game .app for native os in one china blog)

  7. owh, blue something at top - native game message. It is not video player, i'm sorry.

  8. is a fake !!!

    not really press the buttons

    look carefully !!

  9. it could be fake, all he has to do is lock the buttons and press em, but it looks genuine, why would they run it so slow if it was fake

  10. Hopefully it's real, I know it will most likely never work 100% but if it could get Tomba! and Einhander to playable working speed, good enough for me.

  11. I don`t care if its fake or not, its running terrible slow.

    So stop posting stupid comments

  12. the comment above this is stupid. this is obviously not a completed emulator, it may run smoothly with tweaks

  13. I'm sure it's not fake because it hardly takes any know-how to compile something for dingux, however if it is worth it is another thing altogether. The Dingoo lacks any 3D hardware and is short on ram. I can tell you right now it will NEVER run smoothly, no matter how optimized it gets because the Dingoo simply does not have the horsepower necessary. Not to mention the dude specifically states on his blog that he isn't a professional coder, which would definitely be necessary to take on such an endeavour. Maybe I would trust this guy if he had a track-record; some other things he's programmed to show, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I hate to be a pessimist, I really do, but almost nothing will be playable and I feel like any serious coder would know that. Cool POC, but that's all it is.

  14. PS1 Technical Specs:

    CPU: 32-bit RISC (33.9MHz)
    RAM: 2MB, 1MB Video RAM
    Graphics: 3D Geometry Engine, with 2D rotation, scaling, transparency and fading and 3D texture mapping and shading
    Colors: 16.7 million
    Sprites: 4,000
    Polygons: 360,000 per second
    Resolution: 640x480
    Sound: 16-bit 24 channel PCM

    if it gets optimized it should run some game realy well (Resident Evil is a good example it runned very well on my ppc with fpsece i was getting around 15-20fps on average)

    And since RISC & MIPS architecture are pretty close see : some ASM optimisation could make it run even better than my 400mhz Xscale(ARM) ppc did.

    So quit saying it not possible or that it will never be fast enough when you dont have a clue of what you are talking about.

    All i have to say now it keep working on it ..its the main reason i keep my x760+ in hope to see psx running on it and since my programming knowledges a limited to modding c/c++ sources porting is out of question for me (and last time i touched some codes 4-5 years ago it was for pocketquake had to change 0xC1 to 0xD1 and a few others if you see what i mean ;)

  15. Im reading myself and i dont want to open the door for a other troll.
    All im saying is that SOME games COULD run well after a few optimisations.

    The real question is is it worth it ..HELL YEAH ps1 have one of the bigest game catalogue if only 1/100 of these run at a 10+fps it still worth it.
    10 fps with frame skipping can look and feel like 30fps ..thats fine for a emulated game ..even some racing games could work well (moto racer 1 comes to mind it was running well on fpsece)

    So dont try to get me wrong ..i know it will never be perfect ..not all ps1 games work on my quad core pc ..why ? because its emulation its never perfect ..but if it can work well enough to play just a few games at decent speed WHY NOT ? :)

  16. FAKE:

  17. It's not fake but, it was developed fucked!

  18. I'm wondering if FPSEce authors too would be interested to port their emulator on the dingoo...