Monday, August 17, 2009

Nhut finds new Snes9x emulator for Dingux!

Nhut reports in the comments below:

Hello Gadgetmiser, I have discovered a great SNES9X update yesterday on a japanese site (although it was already released some time ago):
I told the good news to some guys in the Dingoo Scene Blabber but it looks like you missed it :)

Reports on the A320 forum here suggest it is indeed an improvement! Thanks Nhut.


  1. New version:

    "I update Snes9x for DINGUX ! Enjoy !
    I added functions below,
    Anti-aliasing in FullScreen Mode.
    Volume Control.
    Battery Monitor in MENU Screen."

  2. For some reason sound is default to 0. Went back original version as its a pain to set volume every time you start a game. Needs to set 60% as default or save it.

  3. All these improvements are great and all but i think what this emulator needs to improve is it's overall performance and speed.

  4. all mode 7 / dsp games are slooooooow as hell
    mario kart is 6 fps with speed 432