Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Dingux menu released by Slaneesh - DingooXMB


An alternative to Dmenu is now available! Grab it here.

DinguXMB v1.0 (26/08/2009)
A Cross Media Bar for the Dingoo A320
Copyright (C) 2007 Mikael Ganehag Brorsson
Port by Slaanesh continuing work from BooBoo's port.
  `DinguXMB' is an alternative launcher for the Dingoo run Dingux.
  It has the same visual layout as the Sony Cross Media Bar.
  DinguXMB is a port of the original GP2XMB.
  GP2XMB is currently under heavy development and you are encouraged to try
  out the latest version and come with new suggestions and patches to improve
  the quality of the software.
  The following features should be included in GP2XMB in the future:
    - Game Launcher (Divided into a shortcut lanucher and a browser)
    - Photo Viewer (Close to finished, only minor things and bugs left)
    - Music Player (A simple Vorbis player, libmad support in the future)
    - Video Player (Pre-design, Currently uses the internal player)
    - Settings Menu (Various settings implemented)
  Installing DinguXMB is fairly straight forward.
    - Unpack the binary release to a directory ie. /usr/local/dinguxmb
    - Copy the 'main' script to /usr/local/sbin. The 'main' script assumes
      that you have installed to /usr/local/dinguxmb. Edit it if necessary.
    - The executable is dynamically compiled. You need the latest rootfs.
  To run, start your Dingoo (with Dingux).
  Press 'A' to select
  Press 'B' to cancel or go back
  Press 'L' to decrease volume.
  Press 'R' to increase volume.
  Press 'X' to create a shortcut. You must have a valid executable currently
            highlighted from the games section (see below).
  Press 'SELECT' to exit. The 'main' script provides a 5 second countdown.
            The intention is that you can safely use this time to switch off.
  Only executable files ending with '.sh' or '.dge' are recognized by
  the launcher.
  Accompanying '.png' icons are also displayed (nice!).
  I think it would be a good idea of the Dingoo A320 community standardizes
  to these two of suffixes.
  '.sh' for scripts
  '.dge' for binary executables
  All my future releases will follow this format.
  - Many features are missing. Many features already work.
  - You will have to experiment a little.
  - For now, it launches games/applications and has the ability to create
    shortcuts which is good enough for me.


  1. Just wondering, what about those emulators that don't have any suffix at all? I thought e.g. that Snes9X doesn't have .dge at the end...
    Anyway, can't wait to have this on my Dingoo, looks much better than dmenu in my opinion!

  2. i love the dmenu ... i'll wait for some guys to test this thing...

    but anyways , this looks Great !!

  3. I couldn't get this to auto-launch with the included "main" script, but it worked fine when launched from DMenu.

  4. edit "main" like that:

    export SDL_NOMOUSE=1
    export HOME=/usr/local/home
    cd /usr/local/dinguxmb
    echo "Restarting in 1 seconds"
    sleep 1
    echo "Restart"


  5. how can i add it in dmenu ??

  6. nice... but how to play snes???snes need command line

  7. how to associate .smc to snes9x ?