Saturday, August 8, 2009

mrLogan delivers Hatari – Atari ST Emulator for Dingux

Atari ST


Oh joyous day … back when the Amiga 500 was my pride and joy, we would frequently laugh at those underpowered Atari ST users, and complain about how their pathetic games had sprite flicker (no blitter chip on their motherboard, you see), and they had to make do with 16 bit colour, and vertical scrolling only Paradroid ‘90.  In truth however, the games on them tended to be pretty identical, as software houses tended to port lots of ST software onto Amiga.  We just liked to think we were special, because we had sexy chips in our computer named Denise and Agnus.

Amiga emulation is much harder to achieve due to the complexity of the chipset, so, 25 years later, let’s make peace and accept a gift when we see one. Props to mrLogan!

Hatari (Atari ST emulator) Alpha Port for Dingux

Postby mrLogan on Sat Aug 08, 2009 11:11 am
The disclaimer first
I don't have anyway to map the mouse to the keyboard yet so you need to use stdisk images that boot straight into the game.
It's good or bad depending on which application you run (i.e. bubble bobble fast , parasol stars slow )
I am pretty new to linux and c so I don't know if I can make this any better than it is already.
1. Copy the folder with all its contents to your dingux
2. Put your tos image in the top level folder with the hatari executable and call it tos.img
3. Put you disk images in the diskimages directory
4 .Create an option in dmenu like this (change as appropriate)
MenuItem ATARI
Icon = "res/atari.png"
Name = " "
Executable = "./gohatari"
WorkDir = "/usr/local/games/hatari"
Selector = yes
A - Fire
X - Space
L - Quit
SELECT - brings up menu but as I say I have no way to map the mouse yet.
hatari.cfg file has all the configuration see the hatatari documentation on the net for options.
If anyone want to contribute feel free.
I think it needs a bash script to detect game specific configs
Need someway of getting the mouse moving


  1. Yea, back in the day we Atari Users were often envious of the Amiga Guys... cause they obviously had more money than us. Both the 8bit XL and the 16bit ST were great machines. A bunch of bang for your buck. Great to see an Atari ST Emu for my favorite little handheld... Thanx Mr. Logan!

  2. And now you can play the original version of Nicky Boom! (one of them atleast)

  3. What about Atari 2600 emulator? When we can play the classics? GBA's Actvision Anthology doesn't work... Is there anybody trying to release?

  4. Don't forget Stunt Car Racer

  5. i always found graphicly, the ST and Amiga were not too far away from each other, but sound wise the Amiga had it nailed...infact ive found calculators from the 1980s in my local canal that have more complex sound Activisions Hunter, graphicly the same on both systems, sound wise though the ST is awful, i find the amigas sound chip to even sound good today, but the ST one didnt sound that good even in 1989...still an ST on a handheld like the dingoo is no mean i cant complain *even though i just did..a bit, coz im an amiga slag*

  6. It's a good achievement, just needs to be polished a litte, e.g. the mouse is way too slow for games like Starglider and looks fuzzy in the emulator menu screen. For some reason, the title song of Starglider is not played in the emulator, though....

  7. my tos image wasnt recognised as tos.img, i tried the same thing in upper case, still nothing, then i just put it as "tos"...with the .img bit deleted, and behold it worked, anyone else had this problem or is it maybe ive altered a setting somewere?---Evilronald---