Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dingux Hatari with virtual keyboard released

mrlogan releases Hatari v1.1a:

Hatari (Atari ST emulator) v1.1a Port for Dingux
What's new in this version
A Virtual Keyboard with quick keys and various control bug fixes.
D-PAD = controls either mouse or keyboard (mouse by default)
R = Toggle between mouse control and joystick control.
A = Fire or Left Click
START = Virtual Keyboard (see notes below)
L = Quit
X, Y, B = Virtual Keyboard Quick Key
Virtual Keyboard and Quick Keys
Pressing 'START' brings up the keyboard on screen. Use the 'DPAD' to select a key and press 'A' to select it.
If you select it using X, Y or B then it becomes the key for those Buttons.
e.g. Bringing up the virtual keyboard and putting the cursor over the F1 key and pressing 'X' on the Dingoo. Then to press F1 again simply press 'X'.
Watch out! The 'R' key now toggles between joystick and mouse. So use the mouse to get into a game and then switch to the joystick. I bet you will forget. I did this because having both the joystick and mouse mapped to the same controls and active at the same time caused control issues in various games.


  1. This is absolutely brilliant. I'm so happy with this I'd donate money!

  2. I'm having a tough time finding the disk images for Atari ST. I am specifically looking for Ultima 5 and Ultima 6. Thoughts?

  3. A new version is available at, including cursorkeys (musicdisks yay!), right mousebutton and showing current control mode.

    @ anon: try

    @ admin: plz allow us to insert links, big struggle right now ^^ i promise, i won´t spam :)

  4. They have the roms for Ultima 5 and 6 on nitroroms. Has anyone tried running Hatari with a game that uses multiple disks?