Thursday, August 27, 2009

News of Dingoo-Digital - as George Clooney says in Oceans 11: “I know a guy …”

In all the excitement over the regular Dingux and native releases, it’s easy to forget that the Dingoo A320 comes from a mysterious company which, for its own inscrutable reasons, likes to keep its head down and its mouth shut. But this also makes  any news that does emerge all that much sweeter to absorb.  There are these very interesting news nuggets from Dingoo, via third parties, on this thread at the Dingoo-Digital forum (thanks to harteex for the heads up!):

From kswildside (26/8/09):

Being a vendor for Dingoo-Digital China I can say they are working on new projects as we speak as for the A330 it's a myth they are very secretive on the projects they are working on and to allow a leak is unheard of by them.

This is the reason they encrypted the OS and haven't released the keys or password to open up the OS or made it free domain.

As for support they plan to support the A320 for a long time to come. As for games they were an application/game developer for cell phones etc before they became a hardware manufacturer... So games will trickle down as they make them. As for bug fixes haven't heard of any of them being worked on or solved but as a vendor I will express your dismay and let them know we as a community want a fix.

As in any scene with a foreign supplier there is controversy over whether they will do this or that and all kinds of rumors about this and that. Just as I have heard the rumor that Gemeni still makes the A320 for Dingoo-Digital China but I have heard it both ways and direct from Dingoo they state they have there own engineers so I will get a direct answer to all questions during our next order.

From Jenny at (26/8/09):

Straight from dingoo digital in China:

1) They won't cease support of the A320, even if a replacement product is released. The warranties will be honoured for the full 1-year term, and in any case, we are going to support our customers in the UK and Europe alongside the official support from Dingoo.

2) The A330 'leak' is unconfirmed. Dingoo digital are investigating it literally *right now*. The A380 'leak' from a few months ago is definitely fake, and sites in China taking orders for it are fraudulent.

3) There will almost certainly be firmware updates for the A320 in future. What will be in the update is a different matter.

4) Dingoo are aware that there is a community of users outside China.

Dingoo is basically split into two companies - Dingoo Games is based in Chengdu, and Dingoo Digital is based in Shenzhen. The Chengdu-based group is under the control of the Shenzhen-based company.

A lot of Dingoo's development resource is concentrated on 3D game development, and on future projects.

The relationship between Gemei and Dingoo digital is an interesting one - it's not quite as simple as Dingoo buying the rights to the hardware from Gemei - but they aren't the 'same' company either.

Dingoo UK Sales and Support (

There’s not too much here which, to be frank, is terribly different from what can reasonably be surmised by reading this and this from 3 months ago! The more things change …

Still, it is good to know that Dingoo Digital lives and breathes, and are at least active  enough to apparently be quoted! kswildside/Jenny from DingooUK, you are welcome here any time to share any other news.


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  2. It's really hard to say whats in store for the Dingoo A320 via updates or fixes to the emulators or issues with the firmware.

    As always anytime something new comes out from them as a vendor we usually get a heads up before the community and I do my best to post the news or updates they make.

    Like the new unbricker tool when they released a model with a new lcd screen that made modified firmwares not work and the White SOD.

    I really don't get into the he said she said kind of thing but I can say that I don't think Dingoo Digital would ever release information that they don't make the product or that another company makes them for them.

    I mean thats a mystery it's just like a Dell monitor does Dell tell you that they subcontracted their monitors to NEC or Samsung to make them with the Dell logo on it.

    No they don't and honestly what does it matter as long as Dell provides the support and fixes the item if it's under warranty.

    We all get caught up in this oh who makes it where does it come from and honestly alot of information is made up.

    Not to say Jenny is lying but I have on many occasions come into a tight lip when I talk to Dingoo Digital about certain subjects pertaining to updates etc. So why would one vendor get more information then the other.

    As I have said like any new product or small unknown company or foreign company for that matter they are secretive as well they should be in china there are knock offs and competitors trying to still there idea and make a better toaster so to speak.

    But I can tell you this much as the information trickles out and I can confirm it to be true and fact from Dingoo-Digital China's lips to my ears I will relay that infromation to the forums.

    Facts I know for sure to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Before Nov 2008 Dingoo Games/Dingoo Digital was a cell phone/Modile Application/Game Developer.

    Feburary-March 2008 was one of the first appearances of the Dingoo A320 in the United States that I know of and I have been a member of most forums since they were started.

    They plan to support the A320 hardware wise and sales wise for the long haul. They also plan to develop more games for it as time goes.

    As for firmware updates or fixes to emulators the answer I always get is the emulators are as is. Never get an answer on firmware updates and I'm surprised when they do happen and some what pleased.

    My biggest thing is to ask the community to assist like Elo did with the Mega Drive fix for the Native OS.
    Please start developing and fixing emulators and firmware issues for the native system.

    As not everyone can or does know how to install or work with Dingux not everyone is a techie or savy computer user.

    There are just as many non techie and newbies buying this very cool console as there are the techies and enthusiast.

    So I tip my hat to the community and the developers and say come on guys lets continue to make this A320 the best thing out there.

    Kswildside signing off.