Thursday, August 20, 2009

All the best stuff comes from Asia ……

The Pacific Century we are most certainly living in brings with it many bounteous wonders from the once mysterious East!  We have reaped the bounty of Almighty Dingoo.  Gemei entices us with the A330.  Daily, DX lays the treasures of China onto our browsers, that we may consume more and more and more and more!

Indeed, in the seminal end bit of the ageless (literally) trilogy, Back to the Future Part III, we are exposed to a preview of this truth - although it does reference the wrong part of that world:

Young Doc: No wonder this circuit failed. It says "Made in Japan".
Marty McFly: What do you mean, Doc? All the best stuff is made in Japan.
Young Doc: Unbelievable.

The best stuff though, is not limited to portable gaming machines! It includes stuff like this. I present to you Wonderful Chicken:


For those of you who enjoy the Colonel’s secret recipe, there is now an alternative! Like the Dingoo to a JAMMA boarded arcade cabinet, you can now enjoy your South-eastern Fried anywhere, anytime! At least that’s the promise, until you open the pack and discover this is what the contents actually look like:


Sadly, I have to report that despite the name, the product is devoid of actual, ah, chicken.  I’m going to put my foot down, and say that “Artificial Chicken Powder” doesn’t count.  It does in fact contain vegetable oil, pepper, corn powder, soy sauce, pepper, sugar, and seasoning.  What does matters is how those crunchy bits of heart stopping goodness taste …

** chrunchn chomp **

… and I have to report that they are GOOD! Not unexpectedly, they taste nothing like KFC.  They are predominantly sweet and peppery, with undertones of melty oil and powdery corn, like a sugary twistie.  But who cares? Many would argue there is no real chicken in KFC either.

If you live near Sydney’s Chinatown, you can get yourself some Wonderful Chicken at the Chinese Grocer diagonally opposite Haymarket, on the Emperor’s Garden meatmarket side of the shops, for the grand sum of AUD$1.60.  There is absolutely no reason this cannot be found in any respectable Asian grocer in your part of the world.  Happy hunting.


  1. I like the left-turns you make sometimes!

    I'll look out for these! :D

  2. Did you order that off dealextreme?