Saturday, August 15, 2009

alekmaul posts Dingoo native Sega Master System emulator

Check out alekmaul’s latest release … a native Dingoo OS emulator! Props alekmaul! (PS: I won’t say c-you-know-what:)!)

Hi, new post to say that now, here is a Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator for Dingoo. You don't need Linux to use it, it's a native Dingoo SIM file.
Put smsGGOO.SIM in your GAME directory. Put your .SMS games where you want.
Choose A pour play SMS game or B to play Game Gear game regarding the rom.
Use "Interesting game" from Dingoo menu and choose your .SMS file, the emu will launch with the game ;)
Again, i used s2d sdk to make this emulator because i can't do some nice sound without it.
You can see my webpage about it here : SmsGGOO For Dingoo. Also, the website is in French 8-)
Download here : SmsGGOO


  1. Nice. and we have tv-out here :).

    Do you like to share the Side-Menu you created for other Emulator ports?


  2. how did you write this emulator ? Do you have a development kit for the Dingoo processor ? Did you adapt someone elses emu ?

  3. Alex Kidd in Miracle World, I shall play you again.

    Thank you!

  4. i'm hoping someone will improve upon the GBA emulator. while most reviews say the dingoo handles GBA very well, i don't agree. too many of the GBA games i like are laggy on the native emulator. i'd be happy with an improved native or even a better one for dingux.

  5. Always nice to see new stuff for the native firmware.

    Anonymous: try this for info on the SDK:

  6. This is cool! I almost wet my pants!