z_man3007 posts Dingux firmware installation videos

z_man3007 has put a lot of effort into the following 3 videos, which will hold your hand every step of the way if you’ve been trying to install the dualboot firmware without much success.

Weighing in at about 25 minutes in total, this gets you to the end of the firmware installation process, and is truly the Citizen Kane  of Dingoo youtube videos – long discursive sequences of intense clarity, and with moments of powerful symbolism (the background FX noise at 5:03 on video #1 is CLEARLY a metaphor for the fact that all Dingoo owners are ROM pirate criminals, up there with “Rosebud”).

z_man2007 is working on a sequel, which will take an equally meticulous approach to setting up the Mini-SDCard with the Linux Kernel. Props for your efforts, z_man2007!

You can read more about z_man’s work here.


  1. Hope he fixes that title soons makes it look not so reliable. But it is very nice!


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