Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What next? X environment and apps?


A promising post from cyberic99.  Is an X environment just around the corner for Dingoo?

I managed to compile some apps with openembedded/Angstrom.
I was waiting for the standard rootfs to check that they were running.
In fact this a a bit of a hack but it enables to port applications very easily.
To run applications, I put binaries and all the needed libraries into a 'package' file, which is mounted on a loop. Then I have a wrapper which can launch the binary with the correct environment.
So I have a X server and some applications on top.
I also have 'strace' utility running, which could be usefl for developer.
And also dropbear ssh server.
Why do I need to run an ssh server on the Dingoo? To mount it via sshfs, for instance.
There are some problems left but I think this is a good start.
xmms runs for instance, but is very slow, I don't know why.
But the main problem is that there is no way (for now) to move the mouse pointer, except when connected to the PC.
When connected I can use x2x, which enables the mouse from my computer to control the cursor on the dingoo.
I think this main problem will be solved soon, either with a wrapper, or with a native app.
I plan to put the files somewhere if anyone thinks there is some interest of doing it.


  1. Ooh, what happened to his TV-Out jack?

  2. have to start with something more simple, to be released faster.


  3. Try writing something where if you hold l and r while using the arrows it will move the pointer.
    Or something like that.

    Also try making an on screen keyboard app in which you spell via selecting the letters needed with the arrows.

    Idk if you can do that then that could be an easy fix up.