Thursday, July 23, 2009

warpedflash posts (what appears to be) an improved file for quick Dingux installs

Those using toddler’s miniSD image for FAT Dingux installations might also like to try warpedflash’s hot off the presses file instead.  Simply unpack the file onto your mini-SD card after installing Dualboot.  For those using the idiot’s guide, until I update the links, you might want to use this file instead of Toddler’s.  Here are the features:

Dmenu theme/local dump for easy start

New postby Warpedflash on Thu Jul 23, 2009 10:58 am

I know that there is already a local dump but i didnt like the theme used or want all of the apps included so i went about making my own. mrdriller on irc liked it and suggested sharing it so i am :D
The icons are nicked from gnome ( and look good on the dingoos screen
background is a section of a file i had anyway (if you know the source i will happily link it)
a couple of the crummy game icons are from me so yay :D
Doom (shareware)
Duke3d (full only because shareware didnt work)
Heretic (shareware)
Hexen (shareware)
Open Liero
REminisecence (full because no one cares lol)
Scummvm (Steel sky/Amazon queen inc)
Mame4all (A couple of the free mame roms inc)
Snes9x (2 legal roms inc)
SMSPlus (2 legal roms inc)
GMU Music Player
Maximum (100)
Normal (66)
Low (33)
Mute (0)
File explorer
Display terminal (if you cant get something running, shows terminal for 15s so you can check errors)
Local dump (inc games etc)
dmenu dump (just menu/graphics)


  1. I never said it was better lol. its just an alternate one so people can have this theme if they dont like the one that was in teh pack before :)
    if Dmenu every supports skinning then i would release it that way (in fact i tried to make a shell script that would allow this but got fed up as im crummy at shell scripts anyway)

    oh yea... warpedflash = mrmatch

  2. Your looks better because Reminiscence/Duke3d appear from your listing that they will WORK:) Also, you have some sample roms ... all in all, perfect for anyone who's in a hurry to get going. I've updated idiot's guide to refer to your SD image.

  3. Thnx, this saves me some time!

  4. This is PERFECT. With the guide for idiots, (Like me... XD), and this, now i have a full functional Dingoo with Dingux, and all i want. SO MUCH THANX!!!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing !

  6. ok the fully working version is up (in case people got it earlier in teh day check your copy of mame if you get artifacts then download this file and replace the autoexec file in the /emulators/mame folder.
    If anyone has requests for stuff to put in this just ask :)

  7. awesome downloading it right now