Slaneesh updates on Outrun performance in MAME4All

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pongplaya asked:

did you test any hang on / outrun / space harrier yet ????????

Slaneesh answered:

I've only briefly tested Outrun this morning, at the default 336Mhz.
Outrun has not one, but two M68000 CPUs to emulate plus a Z80. It's pretty hard going for the Dingoo at this stage.
I was getting about 40% speed with 10FPS. Okay to watch, but not really fun to play. It might fair somewhat better clocked at 420Mhz, I'll check it out again tonight (my current alpha has disabled CPU speed setting).

Hey, that means the hydraulic car may not emulate properly either! But as long as “Magical Sound Shower” plays at full speed, that’s good enough for me.


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