Slaneesh releases MAME4ALL for Dingux!


Wahoo! This might well be the Dingoo’s killer app, and it’s here, thanks to Slaneesh! To download and read more about it, go to the MAME4ALL homepage, which is here:

You can also donate to Slaneesh for his titanic effort on that page.  A million thanks, Slaneesh! (Err, you don’t happen to love the C64 passionately by any chance, do you?)


  1. Someone should point to a torrent or something containing the right seems pretty hard to find.

  2. slaneesh, you rock! :D

    there are many gp2x roms at emuasylum *cough*
    btw: first comment should be a little nicer than that...
    thx slaneesh!

  3. Comment wasn't meant to be rude at all. I suppose it was a bit rude not to say thank you first though. I apologize to Slaneesh.

    Thank you very mich for your efforts.

  4. Emuasylum doesn't have a proper set either. There must be a proper Mame 0.37b5 romset somewhere on the net.

  5. read the readme and use clrmamepro...

    i just played galaga and simpsons and both were awesome! :D

  6. Thanx slaneesh,

    I read the GP2X MAME ROMS may works.
    I tried some (MAME GP2X_Wiz 2.2 Full Romset)
    I see the screen "type OK" and mame4all crash.

    ClrMAME Pro is hard to use.
    MAME 0.37b5 Roms are hard to find.
    MAMEFRONT returns :"roms not find"

  7. little "tutorial" for clrmamepro:
    in the profiler, click "add .dat file", select clrmame.dat from the dingoomame directory. then double click the datfile and select "make new defaults" or something like that.
    and then click rebuild, choose the folder of your romset and the output folder, for example the rom folder of dingoomame. click start, wait a bit and you have your dingoo romset.
    may not work for all roms, i had to try a few galaga roms, before i found a working one.

  8. How current of arcade hardware will this support? Neo Geo? Taito F3? 2D stuff from the early '90s?

  9. Awesome! I can't wait for a fast and playable PC Engine/Turbografx Emulator! Especially with CD-ROM support! :)


  10. Very cool time to have a Dingoo! Thanks Slaneesh!

    Thanks for the tute, Eule, it helped me out

    I'm getting a lot of artefacts through from the commandline when I use this version, however. Much like the problem Mortys menioned here:
    ...pushing the dpad buttons creates "[[A" characters on the commandline beneath the Mame game, sometimes flashing right through.

  11. I'm also having the same problem as Jim Munroe, characters are being dispayed on the console which keeps flashing through mame, making this highly unplayable.

  12. I also see the console flashing, but it doesn´t make the games unplayable, as i see it only on the floor of the screen.
    Except space invaders, there i get the most artifacts and the console appears in the middle of the screen.

  13. read this post from slaneesh:

  14. Hi, i can't boot the autoexec.dge file. I have the folder MAME in the fat partition and i have edited the autoexec.dge.

    cd /mnt/sd/mame

    but it doesn't load , it always returns to the dmenu screen.

    Any ideas?


  15. Thanx Eule! That did the trick.

    "Hi, i can't boot the autoexec.dge file."

    Is your fat drive being mounted via initab?

    If you hit the start or select sometimes you can see what the command line is saying, which is usually more enlightening than dmenu's non response.

  16. One of you fags put a link to working roms

  17. wow, way to ask nicely, im sure you'll get what you want there mate, heh.

  18. hi, in all4all v1.0, i can´t make do anything with the cheats. In mame menu appears but is empty of this.
    Could someone tell me how to do?
    I have the romset for gp2x wiz 2.2. All roms i tried runs fine. But no cheats. :-(...
    Bad gamers needs some cheats. I´m one.

  19. even though 'anonymous' didn,t use his his real name, at least he was polite...oh. well there's always google dickhead. try this link


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