Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Slaneesh porting MAME4ALL to Dingux

From the same forum which brought you CraigX’s as yet undelivered promises – not that we’re judging Slaneesh by the same standards just because he posted in the same place, of course, comes news that Slaneesh is working on MAME4ALL:

Posted Today, 04:56 AM

With all the recent Linux for Dingoo - Dingux - activity I've decided to initially port MAME4ALL for Linux.
So far so good, and I should have an initial version of MAME4ALL on the Dingoo soon.

Good on you, Slaneesh!  We need more devs like you on the scene!

PS: Thanx to Damien McFerran for the news tip.  Click here to check out Damien’s work, which I suspect will be of interest to many Dingoo users!


  1. I'm confident the Pandora will happen, but those forums they run over there used to be VICIOUS if you were at all sceptical. It's gotten a little better recently, but mainly because people are fed up waiting.

  2. great news, am an avid reader and subscriber to Retro Gamer too, so nice one Damien!

  3. A600 (the one who made the original cpu scaling apps) has also posted that he has several ports in the works, so I've been keeping an eye on that topic.

    @Anton Gully - It's true that things got pretty nasty at one point, but the atmosphere there has really changed as of late. I think that most of the community came to the realization that if they ever wanted to have a real user-base they'd have to stop scaring off newcomers. That being said, it did get quite frustrating when folks would come in all skeptical despite all the facts being right in front of their face. It gets quite annoying after the hundredth time someone fails to read the pinned articles that say 'READ ME FIRST'. You're right tho, most of the aggression was just wrongly directed angst due to a dry-spell of updates & people fed up with waiting.

    ...Sorry, It's my roost & I feel like we need to re-build our image in the eyes of many as we seem to have developed (somewhat rightly so) a sort of elitist, exclusive façade. It is a community about open handhelds, and as such it should be more open to newcomers.