Six Degrees to a Dingoo explosion!


I often get emails from Dingoo users who wish they could help – but they can’t code.  Well, coding is important, but there are other ways to help.  At this stage in the product’s life, there’s no point learning Linux if you can’t tell the difference between Ubuntu and Ebola.  Leave it to the experts, and wait for the inevitable Idiot’s Guide Release version, which should be coming soon.

You don’t get off the hook for being command-line illiterate though. No.  I’m sure the dude above had a good excuse for not turning up at the Somme – maybe he had no right arm after the elbow, and so couldn’t fire a rifle -  but that’s not stopping him from a pensive rumination, is it? He’s in the zone, thinking, as should you be: “What have I done? What can I do!?”

The same thoughts have troubled me. Sure, I mutilate classic war posters, crack the odd funny, and spend an inordinate amount of time cutting and pasting, but when the chips are down, and the cliches exhausted, how have I really helped our little block of joy claim its rightful place in this world?  I mean, try this for an experiment: tell the first person you speak to at work or at school or wherever you go first tomorrow, that you enjoy playing with your Dingoo and that you’ve been so happy since the release of Dingux.  Are they going to reply:

(A) “Yeeeeah! My life is complete!” , or

(B) “Yeeesh! Gross!”?

And here lies the problem. Dingux or not, the scene will die one day, because let’s face it, it’s never going to hit the level of developer support we all crave unless many many many more units are sold. Empirically, as this scholarly example of the statistician’s art demonstrates, the Dingoo is just a couple of hundred million units of sales short of the Nintendo DS or PSP – both of which are actually respectable, and more importantly, as common as toasters - why not dream that the Dingoo can one day rival them for even one tenth of their ubiquity?  What can we do to get it up there? 

We can of course sell lemonade at school fetes, and put posters on bus stops and stuff like that, but we really need is a quick, lazy and devastatingly effective mode of spreading the word that Dingoo is the way we are feelin’.

Fortunately, I have the answer, and it is simple, and the results, unbelievable though it may today seem, are inevitable. (And you don’t have to click anywhere to buy something, either!) Why?

Because, as we all know, each and every one of us is connected to Kevin Bacon, by six or fewer degrees of separation. I, for instance, know a lady who used to date a guy who worked on the art in Con Air, who knew Nicholas Cage, who has a Bacon Index of 2 – which means I just make it, but it also means I can’t just ring either Nick or Kev for a quick plug.  However, it must be that among you good people, is someone who actually knows him well enough to get him to say something publicly like: “I love playing with my Dingoo (and by the way, check out”

Actually, I’m not proud – so anyone with a public profile will do. Are you Berlusconi’s gardener, and don’t know what you want to extract from those incriminating Polaroids? Perhaps you’re a Malawian Judge, and Madonna owes you. Or maybe the next time you visit your Uncle Benedict at St Peters, he’ll just do it as you were always his favourite!  Think creatively and laterally!  There’s no need to limit yourself to politicians or movie stars.  Heck, if you’re Dan Rutter’s vet, Tom Pabst’s mechanic, Cory Doctorow’s editor, or Ken Rockwell’s accountant, any of them would be a coup!  And they don’t even have to be Western, or speak English either – we get visitors – and so, potential publicity – from all over the world here!

So there you have it. Your mission, Acolytes of Dingoo Pleasure, is to get someone, anyone, with any bit of fame, to publicly promote the Dingoo.  There is only one rule: the act of promotion must be published in some form somewhere, or at least a picture taken, so that you can post the link or proof here, and claim the bragging rights.

Over to you then, the people, the power!


  1. Hahahaha! Dingoo-Digital should pay you a salary! I wouldn't have bought mine if it wasn't for you! Where are you from? How do you know Berlusconi? I love your writing-style!

  2. Fun read :) posted about if on I wonder if my picture counts as a submission :p

  3. Good (and elaborated) post. However I think you forget an important point: the A320 plays in a different league than the PSP and the DS. It has far inferior hardware (being IMHO the LCD the most important), but at a far lower price. Just can't compare apples and bananas.

    However, I bet we will eventually see new chinese portable gaming consoles with bigger screens (anyone heard of A380?... maybe just vaporware). If they're based on Ingenic devices dingux will most likely work for them too, and who knows, maybe if the scene has enough momentum Dingoo or Ingenic would be a bit more open to document the hardware (in the case of Ingenic, yes, they're far more open than anything I've seen from china, but it's still very poor and incomplete documentation).

  4. Also, you forgot the MOST important way you can help: write to Dingoo Digital and tell them how far we've reached with so little, and how good for them would be to help improve dingux hardware support by releasing (even under NDA) some info.

    For one thing, they could at some point sell A320 with dingux installed, cutting the current firmware cost and making it cheaper. But the most important is the viral effect of an open console: new apps draw users, more users draw new developers, new developers make new apps, which draw new users... and so on.

  5. I think , and correct me if I'm wrong here :p, the reason why ingenic didn't document the hardware that much is because they didn't expect this. Their mainmarket is still china, that small percentage of silly western homebrew fanatics is just a welcome surprise. If we can come together as a community as booboo pointed out, who knows what might be in the future. It might be the fabeled A380, it might be something on par with GPH handhelds.

  6. Wow, this post is... wow. Gadgetmiser, you need a xanax, or something.

    That being said, I agree with the gist. Off to find famous people and berate them for not knowing about this particular chinese import.

  7. I propose...a PANCAKE BREAKFAST!

    or...or...a carwash or something...I dunno. :|

  8. wooow the last two post are just wooooow, so eloquent. Very well written :)

    Batman52, everyone in this world should know who berlusconi is. If berlusconi doesn't ring a bell for you than you should be ashamed of yourself for being nothing but a miserable piece of existence, just like berlusconi, because you have surely never opened a newspaper.

    This blog is truly awesome at least once a day I check dingoo news and developments and when they are written like that, oh what a pleasure. I hope the developers from dingoo digital will realize the huge potential and will start contributing to the linux development. Every one of us dingoo users could just proactively promote the dingoo among friends, post youtube videos, whatever. Just spread the word.. :)

  9. I would love to read an interview with dingoo digital and what they think about all this. Gadgetmiser, do your magic! :D

  10. Hi from Russia.
    Trying to post news in russian right there
    Yes, I know, that port is lame, but it's located on ghetto server and it's free =)
    Have a nice day.

  11. @(Anonimous) Unfotunately I know too well who berlusconi REALLY is... since i'm italian. I'm just surprised he's so well-known out of italy too ;-)

  12. I've had two things planned for a m,inute now, and this seems like a good time to post them:

    1) I've been waiting for the release of gp2xmb for the dingoo to contact engadget about doing an article on it (it was actually on their site that I first learned about the Dingoo's existence). That should do plenty to boost sales once the un-knowing mass see what's been done ;]

    2) Once that is taken care of, I was going to contact Dingoo-Digital Shenzen for sales firgures on the past few months as well as an interveiw including questions from all of you.

    I do work here too after all ;P lol

  13. (in Ireland - I know who Berlusconi is - he's Gaddafi's new wingman.)

    Epic post. Utterly brilliant. Honestly, you should be writing worthy articles some place else and not throwing scraps of Dingoo information to us peasants.

    I think if Cory Doctorow saw this post you'd get a great billing on Boing Boing.

    I have to re-read that post. I want to lose weight, get educated and finally find out who my biological father is. Inspiring post.

  14. Thanks all for the nice feedback; How many celebrities have YOU stalked today?

    @Anton Gully: But what more worthy cause is there than to fight the good fight for all which is Dingoo?:)

  15. We need to buy some dingoos for well known GP2X devs.

  16. I'm posting a link on my facebook or myspace account telling all my friends about the dingoo.

    Say its a functioning hybrid music, video and games player for $110AUD and anyone who knows anything should be sold!

    Is Social Networking not the best viral way of spreading info like this!? How popular do you think it'd be if everyone who bought a dingoo took the effort to do this? The internet makes celebrities hocking stuff redundant...

  17. im not sure if this idea has been posted, but what about having some internet celebrities like from youtube give a lil advert about the Dingoo? with an incentive?
    they are a lil easier to reach and theres already tons of vids posted that they can watch for themselves.

  18. Great information, you have a wonderful blog and an excellent article!!


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