Odyssey 2 / Videopac emu released

That's right folks, thanks to jpelintra it's time to get nostalgic (in more than one way)! With the flood of apps being ported over to Dingux, it's sometimes easy to forget about the Dingoo's humble native firmware. This port of O2EM should bring back fond memories of days long passed (as well as those of just weeks ago ;]). If you feel like getting your Thunderball or Smithereens on, It can be downloaded at the usual place.


  1. The emulation seems fast. I have no idea how accurate it is, but damn K. C. Munchkin is fun. Definitely faster than all the other native emulators (though I haven't tried the GBC one).

  2. Very good emu, i enjoy so much this remembering old times. Works great stuff. Thanks for give us this. (And sorry my poor english...;))


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