Monday, July 20, 2009

New Dmenu released for FAT32 Dingux

Quick as a flash, rookie1 has re-released dmenu for Booboo’s new Dingux.  Thanks rookie1; speed of light!

dmenu 0.2

Postby rookie1 on Mon Jul 20, 2009 3:32 pm

dmenu 0.1 should work with booboo's latest rootfs without recompile. However I've made some minor changes to go inline with his rootfs. Hence dmenu 0.2. Enjoy. :)
Changes in 0.2
- Dynamically link against libconfuse since it's provided by the rootfs. dmenu binary is now smaller :)
- Remove the mechanism to restart dmenu after the executed program has finished. This is not required anymore if you are using init to respawn dmenu.
For the above to work, you need to create a script file called /usr/local/sbin/main with the following content,

Code: Select all
export SDL_NOMOUSE=1
cd /usr/local/dmenu

Note that you need to change /usr/local/dmenu in this script to the directory where you have dmenu installed.
I've decided to make the setup easier for windows users. Please download instead. It has all the directory structure in place (/local/dmenu and /local/sbin/main). Just directly unzip this file to your SD card and it should work automatically. Enjoy :)
<Warning: it might overwrite your existing /local/sbin/main. so take precaution if you want to keep your existing /local/sbin/main>
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