Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ingood releases Dingux Star Control 2


Often requested, this cult classic now finds its way onto Dingoo, thanks to ingood! By the sounds of it, any feedback on the port is welcome, and you should post it here:

Alrighty then, first release here (binaries, source and data included, 12.5MB):
If you just want the source (2.2MB) it's here:
I've tested the main game, saving/loading, supermelee. No problems so far, but I can't really test it all myself. If people who really know this game could report bugs that'd be helpful.
I haven't tried the OGG music or voice files, if you want to download and test them just put it in the local/uqm/content/packages folder.


  1. Works perfect, im playing it and is a very addictive game, a MUST HAVE for Dingux Dingoo.

    Simply, the best game port i see on my Dingoo. Thanx, waiting for the next, keep it up!! ;)

  2. July has been a good month for the dingoo community.

  3. Wow, I love this game and always wanted it portable! You should make star control 3 portable.