Thursday, July 23, 2009

ingood posts Dingux Rise of the Triads


Just so we have most of them, ingood has posted another Doom-era 3d shooter, Rise of the Triads for Dingux:

Rise of the Triad port (Dingux)

Postby ingood on Thu Jul 23, 2009 8:17 pm

Here it is. Works with the current dingux release.
You'll need to download the shareware version, try here: Extract those files a directory on your SD card and copy rottsw to the same place. If you have the full version use the rott file instead.
NOTE: The game won't work if HOME isn't set to something writeable. Warpedflash's does this so it should work fine there, other rootfs packages may do it too.
Please look at README-DINGOO for more information.

Source and binary files (Data files not included, see post)
(2.46 MiB) Downloaded 28 times

Thx ingood!


  1. Nice work now the only one I can think of is Shadow Warrior but I am old enough I may be forgetting alot of other classics

  2. Hrm... am I the only one receiving the "Oh No ROTT Crashed!" right after the title screen is shown? The last command executed when I view the terminal is "RT_VIEW: Colormaps Initiated". It happens when I use either Shareware or Registered versions. All other FPS games run just fine (DOOM, Duke, Heretic, Hexen) I've done a search on the Net and come up with nada on the issue... no one else seems to be having this issue?