EVERYTHING ported to Dingux!

Espontaneo requests ….

Hi there,
Please could somebody port EVERYTHING to the dingux - I would really like everything, ever
I'd do it myself but I don't have the time or the ability. I don't mind if you have to reverse engineer something - it's supposed to be easy (what is open sauce anyway, some kind of wonderful condiment?)
Thanks in advance.
I know you'll do this IMMEDIATELY because I put request in the title and this happened once.
PS: How do I install dingux? I've looked about but thought It would be easier to have someone explain it AGAIN.
PPS: What games would you recommend I play? I'm looking for an Shooter/RPG/Strategy/Golf game featuring angry walruses and large breasted robots....
PPPS: Not "Final Fantasy Golf Spaceshop warrior IX" I've played that to death.
PPPPS: Has anyone thought of making the power/button/radio/GBA work in dinugux?, I suppose I must be the first.
PPPPPS: I like sarcasm.


  1. lol.

    I'd like to have an Toaster plugin for my Dingoo ;-).

  2. oh joy, more interwebs sarcasm

  3. Still waiting for VLC for our Dingoo, to read all the video codecs and use subtitles of our choise....

    And why not a PSX emulator too...

  4. PS3 emulator for Dingoo now!

  5. lol just reading your post pisses me off.(not at you). But to think that so many idiots post on forums like that.

  6. Yes, that and the duel boot.

    (The one you wear when you get shot by Aaron Burr.)

  7. @anonymous

    You can't emulate a PS3 on the dingoo you isiot! Theere's way too little hardware power in it!

    The PS3 is so uber powerfull that it will take 900000000000 IBM supercomputer clusters and 100000000 man-hours of coding just to emulate the menu! DUH!

    Although you could probably emulate the dingoo on ps3, but only 1080P games would be sorprted,...

  8. I would have assumed a Duel Boot involved getting run through by Inigo Montoya while being kicked in the head by Andre the Giant.

  9. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

  10. @Battlepriest, I'll let you off this time, but all champagne comedy puns must be cleared by me first!


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