Enable music on Dingux Doom

Robert2098 has a handy tip to enable music in Doom and other MIDI games.  Thanks, Robert!

If you install the Timidity instrument files, you also have music in prDoom, Duke3D, Heretic Hexen, Rise of the Triads and possibly other games that play midi music through SDL.
Download the file: http://www.libsdl.org/projects/SDL_mixer/timidity/timidity.tar.gz
Extract it to your SD card to: /local/lib/
After extracting you should have the directory: /local/lib/timidity/
Now you should have music while playing Doom.


  1. It enables music but runs slooow on the poor dingoo.

  2. Doom with the original music . . . happy days are here again!

    Thanks Robert2098 !

  3. Most programs seem to run fine with Timidity ... some definitely do slow quite a bit. Is there a way to enable it for certain apps only>

  4. If music slows down any game, then just turn it off in game menu and that's all. Duke3d with music is running slow but Doom runs great :)


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