Sunday, July 26, 2009

darfgarf posts Defendguin Dingux port

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darfgarf has ported a great looking Linux defender clone to Dingux:

yep, ported it, had to scale down all the sdl_blits form 640x480 to make it work, so if there's any images that look huge, just give me a shout with some kind of hint how to find it and fix it
also there's no sound control, so either fix it yourself or live with it (i have put the initial volume down from what it was, if you really want go into the options screen and guess where the control is, but the option screen is screwey anyways (due to scaling the graphics or something)
to run:
./defendguin from menu system/whatever
it's loaded once the sound starts, just hit a and you'll get the main menu
d-pad:move ship
L:afterburner of some kind, doesn't really do much :D
R:change direction
push power button to exit while in game
think that just about covers how to use it, enjoy (and if anyone suggests i port a hardcoded 640x480 game again, i'll scream :P)
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  1. Man I love this game.

    The only issue I have is that pressing the bomb button seems to use up your whole supply of bombs in one hit wasting any bombs you have in reserve.

    Graphical bugs dont bother me like the score wrapping bug or enemies radar bleeps appearing outside the minimap.

    BTW if you want to adjust the volume press options and the first entry is sound effext pressing left or right will adjust that and the second entry is music press right to crank it. Then its Y or X to get out of the options menu.

    Thank you very much darfgarf! o/

  2. darfgraf has since fixed the bomb bug and uploaded a fixed archive to his original link. So re download and you should be golden.