Monday, July 20, 2009

ChaoticBob posts new version of ScummVM

From the A320freeforums:

Version 0.2 changes:
Curse of Monkey Island now works. It runs nearly full-speed, totally playable. Any other games that use VGA graphics should work as well. Not sure how well the ship combat in the middle will work though :lol:.
It's now using the latest SVN version of ScummVM so some more games should be supported.
Left trigger is now mapped to "0" so you should be able to get through copy protection dialogs.
Start and Select keys swapped around, Start is menu key Select is skip cinematic.
Fixed crash when pressing menu key again while in the menu.
One thing to note is I've made some fairly large changes and due to the fact ScummVM supports so many games I can't really test any significant amount of them. So it would be great if you could post up what games you get working.
Another thing, I have a bad feeling the older version may have been built with no optimization flags at all :shock: (why wouldn't they use -O2 by default?). So it may be possible this version will be a hell of a lot faster :D.
Static Binary (DingooFiles, might not be updated yet)
Source (DingooFiles)

Thanks ChaoticBob!

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  1. Thanks ChaoticBob for your continued work to improve and optimize ScummVM! Will try shortly.