Friday, July 3, 2009

Booboo’s tantalising … vapour ware!

Booboo contemplates that by using an SDIO wi-fi card, wireless internet access is theoretically possible on Dingux (and in fact, if it bugs Booboo enough, the way, oh, Everest bugged Hillary, I’d be inclined to bet that in a few weeks, we’ll be crossing out the “theoretically”). 

Sure, the limitations of the Dingoo’s screen/RAM/CPU might make the whole idea nothing more than a solution in search of a problem – join the tomato tossers here - but heck, let’s again remember how this is suddenly all so much nearer the realms of the real, so very very far way from the insular, isolated fritzldungeon that the original Shenzen Dingoo firmware was!  O’ unshackled brick of white, arise now, re-born free of your proprietary coded bonds, to live again, like a cheetah or something.

(Yes, I’ve had a cruddy week at work, guys. Let me wax.)


  1. Wow, internet on my dingoo :D

    ps: lol @ the word "fritzldungeon", weird americans ^^

  2. couuld be good for viewing rss feeds, twitter, etc.

    wonder if porting dillo would be difficult?