Booboo porting a GUI! (with video!)

Title says it all folks! Booboo has taken it upon himself to attempt ports of gmenu2x & gp2xmb. He has had the most luck with gp2xmb using the uclibc toolchain (as opposed to the much larger Ingenic glibc toolchain, which he used to build the gmenu2x POC). Booboo says that despite it working almost immediately there is still much work to be done to get gp2xmb working properly on the A320. If you know of any other open-source menu alternatives, or would like to read the full article, hop on over here. Without further adieu: the video!


  1. awesome.

    this should mean a standard GUI that can be distributed with the OS. this will save alot of time and effort fro most peeople.

    once again, thanks to booboo. this guy is a legend.

    now all i need is a way to boot dingux onto my a320 using windows...

  2. That's probably not too far off at this point. Once the major usability aspects are taken care of it just makes sense that the next step would be to package it all up & get it ready for the general masses. I actually see it as a good thing that there hasn't been a windows installer released yet; it's almost along the lines of a beta test, but the testers are narrowed down to those that would probably be more capable of providing detailed feedback & insight into problems, thus leading to a more refined experience when all is said & done for those of us who aren't familiar with linux (which is certainly not a bad thing). After all, a tool is only useful if you know how to use it ;] I agree, Booboo has been the catalyst leading to the growth of the scene, on his own nonetheless. He's probably even more prolific to our scene than Dark_Alex was to the psp scene. I'm extremely curious about the impact his work has had on hardware sales... maybe an email to deal-extreme is in line ;D


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