Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Slaneesh update on Dingux MAME4ALL

Another juicy tidbit from Slaneesh on MAME4ALL … if you haven’t already, now is the time to get Dingux going! For in a few days, there will be yet another good reason to do so!

Source: http://www.gp32x.com/board/index.php?showtopic=47610&pid=739812&mode=threaded&show=&st=#entry739812

I've made some excellent progress with MAME4ALL on Dingoo. Just a few things to clean up in the frontend and we should have a test release within the next few days.
CPS1, CPS2 and Neogeo are included in the driver-set - though the larger games will probably not run due to lack of RAM. All CPS1 *should* run and some of CPS2/Neo Geo *should* run.
Mind you, all these use M68000 and Z80 CPU, which on the GP2X/Wiz have the deliciously fast Cyclone and DrZ80 assembler cores. These cores are not available for the Dingoo's MIPS CPU, so we are left with the standard 'C' language based CPU cores.
The initial release will include just the standard MAME CPU cores, however I will look at adding faster cores (M68K and Z80) at some stage and making other MIPS based optimizations if I can.
I have already added options to set CPU speed - anywhere from 300-420Mhz in steps of 12Mhz (thanks to A600's CPU code).
EDIT: R-Type is running quite nicely already overclocked to 396Mhz.

Thank you Slaneesh!


  1. the new banner site is beaultiful!!!

  2. are you kidding? it's the worse banner/logo i've ever seen. cheap photoshop flares and poorly done reflections? come on!

    ad what the hell is up with the poll "Should it stay or go?" and the possible options are "Yes" or "No"?! this blog needs quality control..

  3. @Anonimous:
    You falled in his trap didnt you?(he got me too)

    Shinobi Arcade. give us Shinobi Arcade and i'll give you my dog Slaneesh!

  4. "Worse" [sic] banner, you've ever seen, Anon? You must be new to the Internet.

    The site is about the content and reporting, not the fluff. It really doesn't matter what banner is up there. I'll take that Commodore 64 emulator now, though, please.

  5. The banner's fucking huge. It definately needs to lose weight.

  6. How's this? http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c38/Consequence_9/logo.png

  7. Battlepriest, wow, you know THAT was my point exactly. The site is about content and reporting, so why add all this "fluff" to the banner? The old one was fine.

  8. no one cares about the banner, i want the MAME! :D

  9. haha, I agree with "I want MAME!"

  10. Here's a quick logo that I made using the base layout of the logo on the site. I really think it should be as simple, or maybe even more simple than the one here. All the textures, drop shadows, and lens flares really distract your eyes.


  11. hehe Gadgetmiser you are a stoner :D I already suspected it because of your cool writing style, but with the poll thing you made it obvious :D Good to hear about the rapid progress on mame. The banner looks horrible, actually a bit retro 1998ish :P I'll make one tomorrow if i don't forget

  12. Hello people. I've got the worst flu ever, so it mught be a few days befpre I have enough energy tp change anything again. Thanks all.

  13. Sorry to hear about the flu, that's the worst =[

    To all who're concerned about the banner, I've dropped the effects & made it just the logo & a dingoo instead of a full-on banner. See it here http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c38/Consequence_9/logo2.png

  14. I think it would really be awesome if something like Metamorphic Force would play fluently :O