Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alekmaul posts native Colecovision emulator!

Suddenly, I’m wondering why we needed Dingux at all :)  Alekmaul has posted another classic emulator for the Dingoo’s native firmware; props Alekmaul!  I only have one thing more to say to you, Alekmaul: c64 please? Pretty please?

Colecovision emulator for Dingoo

Postby alekmaul on Sun Jul 26, 2009 9:52 am

Hi, little post to say that now, here is a Coleco emulator for Dingoo. You don't need Linux to use it, it's a native Dingoo SIM file.
Put ColecOO.SIM in your GAME directory. Put your .COL games where you want.
Use "Interesting game" from Dingoo menu and choose your .COL file, the emu will launch with the game ;)
Again, i used s2d sdk to make this emulator because i can't do some nice sound without it.
You can see my webpage about it here : ColeCOO For Dingoo. Also, the website is in French 8-)
Dowload here : ColeCOO


  1. well, why not, my goal was to have a pc engine emulator available but you're right, c64 can be nice too ^^
    you will have some news next month about that i think ^^

  2. I think people should try making more stuff for the original OS, I don't own the system yet but I know it loads a lot faster and you don't have to go through the long dingux install.

  3. Dingux is installed in 5 minutes, if you're slow. The boot and loading times are actually faster than the original OS.

    Dualboot is also amazingly convienient and switching between linux and the original OS is done in less than 10 seconds. It's so smooth I've come to think of it like it's one OS but you have to switch "compatibility mode" for some things.

    While Dingux is awesome (and will become even more so) it's also great that we see development being done for the native OS as well. I plan to continue using both. After all, the things that made me my buy the Dingoo (sans linux) in the first place are still quite good; TV-out, a decent video player as well as a few good emulators

  4. Thank you for more native stuff!

    Just set this up and it looks and works great so far.


    Now, I can play my favorite game, "Tapper"

    Please consider doing more for the native os. Not everybody has the time or the patience to install Dingux at this current stage of it's development.

  6. I like the native firmware. It's pretty damn nice and it works.

  7. installing linux takes less than 5 minutes even for a noob like myself. while i appreciate new software for the original OS i cant help thinking time would have been better spent making it for dingux instead.

  8. Weak sauce, anon.
    If you end up being able to dual-boot under Dingux anyway, then who cares which "side" it sits on?

  9. Alekmaul, your star shines brightly here at Dingoo-Scene! C64 for ever! Thank you!

  10. Yes, thanks Alekmaul for your hard work.

    And not wishing to labour the point, but the dingoo is just crying out for a c64 emulator.

  11. Time for MSX emulator too ? Is anybody developing a port ?

  12. @alekmaul

    You're developing a PC Engine emulator? That's really great news! The PC Engine/TG-16 is probably my favorite 16-bit system. Good luck!

  13. TG-16 is a 8-bit system with a great color pallet, but it's still awesome; Yes, I realize it's called the TG-16.