Sunday, June 28, 2009

yoannd26 posts guide to installing SCUMMVM on Dingux

Here is a translated link for those who need to play Beneath a Steel Sky, like, NOW!


  1. BASS is such a good game, It's gonna be a real treat playing it on the dingoo =]

  2. I cant get it to work.
    Before if launchs i got the message: zfb_parWarning: unknow gfx mode 1!
    And after a press the add butoon it closes and i got: could not find theme Scummodern falling back to builtin.

  3. I get those messages too but it still works - make sure you press "a" on add game NOT start, which quits..

  4. Good work yoannd26!

    keep up!

  5. Check out my scummVM Dingoo video on YouTube where I play titles created by Sierra such as Space Quest IV & V... My profile is under 505mcasias.