Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's in a name?

Just as a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, so shall linux on the A320 ... well ... you know what I mean. BooBoo posted on his blog addressing the recent name-change talk, and he welcomes you (yes you!) to join in! Many names have been suggested thus far, but only one that is available as a domain name will do. Here is a (partial) list of names that have been suggested:

  • Lingoo-X
  • Dingux
  • Lingux
  • Dinlux
  • DinGNU
  • Xingoo
  • Dinux
  • DinTux
  • LingoOS
  • DingoOS
  • DinBoo
  • LinBoo
  • DinLin
  • Dinguin
BooBoo also states that while "BooBoo Linux" is flattering he does not feel right putting his name on it due to the major contributions of those before him. Leave a post voicing your favorite here.


  1. lol, nice too see some of my contributions in there.

    i like dinlin myself. but then, im an idiot. so you should probably ignore me.

  2. And i like Dinguin, so if possible, please add it. Dinguin is lovely, easy to pronounce, and to understand.

  3. I like DingGNU...but I also think it is ridiculous that somebody had to whine like a little b**** about the name. I swear, soon people will be complaining that it is racist because milk is white. It was obviously not meant as a racist ploy to belittle anyone. Thanks for the hard work Booboo.

    I think we should let Clint Eastwood name it.

  4. Hey, what's with this Burger King company ova here! Naming that sandwich the Whopper...I take offence to that. I mean can't you name it something that doesn't sound like "wop"? What are you thinking ova here?

  5. Added Dinguin =] DinGNU is my favorite as well, I thought it was pretty clever. I wish Lingoo was available as a domain name tho, that would havee been the easiest alternative.

  6. Small update: I'm getting a 404 error on lingoox, so booboo has probably made a decision. That or the massive influx of comments crashed the site ;P

  7. i like osama bin goolix

  8. I vote for 'Racist Linux'.

  9. It seems that Booboo is unregistering; that or the site's down.

  10. Thank god now it doesn't offend any race,religion,political ofiliation, sexuality, vegan, animal rights activist. feminist, or naturist. Can we please MOVE THE FOOK ON!! There are SO many pathetic people these days.

  11. Listen... I know it was a silly objection, but the point is that at this time it was VERY EASY to change it, so I though it was worth it.

  12. Exactly. Also take notice that most of the whining occurs from behind the veil of safety that the anonymity of the internet provides. I think the decision to change it was a sound one as it ensures that no toes will be stepped on down the road. Sure the level of political correctness has gotten a bit ridiculous, but if it's a simple fix like booboo said it's better just to do so & avoid any possible headaches. Rest assured that whatever the name the work speaks for itself =]