Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What’s the deal with DealExtreme?


“STILL down? What about these missing SKUs?! Enough have I had, forsooth. Can I buy retail on Alibaba?”


OK, don’t panic.  Really. The Eighth Wonder of E-Commerce, the site which broke my “Gotta buy something on Ebay NOW” addiction (by replacing it with a “Gotta buy something from DealExtreme NOW” addiction), the site that’s sold almost as many Dingoos as Lingoox most certainly will – the best place to source a flashlight, flashcart or garlic peeler – (click here to buy a white Dingoo and here to buy a black one – if you ever can again!) – well, it’s been more disembodied than a dead robed Jedi for close to a week!

What’s going on?

Looks like it’s under a DDOS attack! Fortunately, a brave lone commando from their backup call centre (think his name was Kyle) managed to smuggle the message below to here, hidden in a parcel marked “Gift”:

Dear Valued Customers,

As you may have all noticed that there are constant site offline in the past few days. This is because DX's website was under DDOS attack from Monday and even till now the attack is still going on.

However, our technical team have been working full time on this issue. We have managed to lock down the possible sources of this attack and taken whatever measures that are necessary to fight against this malicious attack. Although the attack is continuing, the website now has turned back to a state that most of the functions are working correctly. There are still some minor issues while visiting but in general the site is secure and especially the orders can be made without problems. The processing of your orders and CSE tickets are not affected.

DX always values each of its customers as the most important resource. The attack is an open defiance against all the customers' interest. Therefore this behaviour must be seriously condemned. Our technical team will continue to fight against this attack and try every possible means to overcome this difficulty. Your understanding is highly appreciated.

Best regards,
DX team

I could not have said it better! Vile DDOS defilers, we condemn you!   Fight the good fight, o’ brave defenders of our right to pitilessly consume! Take heart online shopping addicts.  I promise you, this too shall pass, and if we hold true to our faith:

He that shall live through these dark days of attack DDOS, and see old age,
    Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,
    And say 'To-morrow is the day SKU.176113 arrives, and for this, gratefulness doth flow”   

Then will he strip the parcel and show its contents,
    And say 'These items were never ordered, but I like them anyway.'


And now, for something completely different ….

NOTE: Knk left this comment one post down, and it seems to work (you may have to add a security exception to your browser though – and generally, I have no idea how safe or otherwise this is):  
use that for dealextreme. Just make sure when dealextreme puts its hostname back in, you put the ip back in


  1. Did they refuse to pay a ransom, or is there more to this?

    Never used DX, but jeeze that site has a lotta shiny stuff.

  2. That news image and caption made me laugh so much I dribbled tea down my shirt.

  3. Forsooth, I proclaim DX to be the purveyor of the most handsome of jewels and treasures. Verily shalst I travel to this kingdom to fight this treachery and restore once more the glittering trove of bounty

  4. Indeed, a cornucopia of electronic wonders.

    I'm glad I got mine when I did.

    Fight the good fight every moment
    Every minute Every Day

  5. try

  6. It's probably Nintendo striking back or something.